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Excessive Foam

Possible Cause: Buildup of body oils, cosmetics and detergents from bathers 
Solution: Add Defoamer and Shock. (Add these to Cart below) 
Preventative Maintenance: Shock weekly to oxidize unwanted organic material.

Possible Cause: Calcium hardness too low 
Solution: Add Calcium Hardness to obtain 150-400 ppm calcium level in the water. (Add to Cart below)
Preventative Maintenance: When adding make-up water or freshly filling the spa, have the calcium level tested.

Possible Cause: Large amount of total dissolved solids 
Solution: Drain and refill water. (ONLY IF IT’S ABOVE FREEZING!)
Preventative Maintenance: Drain and refill water at least once every 90-120 days and replace your silver ion cartidge.

Possible Cause: Dissolved copper or iron in spa water 
Solution: Add Stain&Scale to sequester minerals in the water. Check pH level. (Add Stain&Scale to Cart below)
Preventative Maintenance: Test pH and total alkalinity and maintain proper levels. Stain&Scale should be used each time the spa is filled.