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Product Image SilkBalance Clean Start

SilkBalance Clean Start

$ 12.99

Before using SilkBalance for the first time, you should purge the plumbing system underneath your spa with Clean Start to clean away the organic deposits in your plumbing lines that have built up from previous use. This concentrated liquid formula is specially blended to work with water of all hardness levels and is designed to deep clean the spa pipes, jets, and plumbing equipment. Clean Start should be used once a year.

Clean Start prepares your spa for luxuriously simple spa experiences in just hours, not days. Simply pour in the full 8-ounce bottle, and turn the jets on high. Clean Start will flush your hot tub in 30 minutes. You can drain and refill your spa and not have to worry about lingering, foaming residue. Since there is no need for overnight soaking or multiple flushes, this process will have your spa ready to use quickly.

At the end of the process, your spa is left with a fresh, clean scent.