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Ahh! No Heat!

This does happen on occasion. Hopefully it is something simple.

A quick troubleshooting tip is to remove your hot tub filter(s) and reset the power making sure to leave them out.  If the hot tub starts to reheat in the next 3 - 4 hours you either need a new set of filters or those filters need a super good degreasing prior to putting them back in. ( Filters and Degreaser below)

If that doesn't work call Karie as soon as you can at 207-883-6357 or email service@mainelytubs.com


ps. Our reputation as the most trusted source in Maine for hot tubs and hot tub service keeps our phone lines busy each and every day. We have opened up a new part of our website as a resource to all the hot tub owners in Maine. (including those who own hot tubs purchased from other dealers) Those of you here looking for service have already realized the great value in doing business with a local company; one that will continue to be in business through thick and thin - ready to answer your call when something happens to your hot tub. Our large team of factory trained technicians continues to grow. We're seeing more and more people that have bought hot tubs from other companies (now out of business) come to us for answers, supplies, parts, and service. As energy costs continue to rise, more people are trading-in their old, poorly insulated hot tubs for our reliable, energy effiecient ones with better warranties. Whatever brings you here today, we look forward to helping you in whatever way we can.