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Product Image Spazaa RX - Soak in Vitamins (6 Powerful Blends)

Spazaa RX - Soak in Vitamins (6 Powerful Blends)

$ 19.99 $ 25.99

Sport Therapy - Rebuild- Overworked? Submerge yourself...for fast relief to the body after intense physical activity in our sports blend
Stress Therapy - De-stress. Feeling stressed? Submerge yourself... relax your body and clear your mind in our stress relief blend
Energy Therapy - Boost. Need a pick-me-up? Submerge yourself...revitalize after a long day or to get the day started in our energy blend
Detox Therapy - Detoxifying. Feeling Blah? Submerge yourself ... eliminate built- up toxins and rejuvenate your healthy glow in our special detox blend.
Joint Therapy - Inflammation. Feeling sore? Submerge yourself... sooth painful joints and boost circulation in our natural therapeutic blend
Muscle Therapy - Hot n' Icy. Aches and Pains? Submerge yourself... soothe and alleviate sore muscles in out Hot n, Icy Blend